Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tinseltown: the Holiday Movie Podcast

 Hello, readers! As you presumably guessed by now, this blog is now more or less defunct. Obviously, my ability to write these reviews had been waning, and the fact of the matter is, once I got out of the range of stuff I had been working on, I just didn’t have the spark anymore. But what I do have the spark for, and have for a long time, is holiday movies.  And that’s why I started the Tinseltown podcast. Every Tuesday, you’ll get a detailed review of a Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year’s eve movie complete with the humorous commentary you’ve come to associate with my #brand.  And in order to avoid the near constant personal deadline issues that plagued this blog, I’ve got six months worth of episodes in the bank. 

 I want to thank you all for reading this blog while it was active. This was a very meaningful project for me, and I’m not saying I’ll never go back to it someday. I actually have two more Cannon reviews written, it’s just a matter of tracking down pictures and whatnot for them. But like I said, the spark.  I did also give some thought to rediscovering said spark by shifting focus to the live action Disney movies of my childhood in the 1990s and early 2000s. That’s still on the table for the future. But for now, it’s the holidays that have my attention. So I hope you give a listen to the podcast, I’m very happy with what we’re doing there.  That’s all for now. See you at the movies. 


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