Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1950 - Cinderella

1950 - Cinderella

WE MADE IT! After the rough slog of anthology films, we’re finally back to full-length stories, and boy did they bring it. This period of films, which I’m referring to as The Restoration, put an end to the slashed budgets, scaled back animation, and occasional blatant racism of the anthologies and replaced it with extravagant financing, expertly rendered backgrounds and characters, and… okay, occasional blatant racism. I’m looking your way, Peter Pan. But we’ll get to him. Cinderella was a remarkable return to form for the company. They dumped nearly all the money they made off the anthologies into it, and it really shows. The profits from this went on to finance one of their most classic periods, and now we finally get to see it. Relieved? So am I. So get some petit-fours and champagne, and let’s talk about Cinderella.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Well, after a dead month, it’s time to get back on task. I apologize to my loyal fans (Yes, all six of you,) for my time away. It was due to a variety of factors, including:

* Inventory at the bookstore.
* The Emerald City Comic-Con. (awesome)
* Overwork at my five or so jobs that I actually get paid for.
* A load of personal bullroar.
* These Wings episodes aren’t going to watch themselves.
* A growing sense of ennui and dissatisfaction with my life brought on by uncertainty about my future.
* Oh, wait, no. I was just pissed off after watching Peter Pan.
* Downloaded Space Quest 6 from GOG. Yes that’s a valid excuse.
* Seriously, Peter Pan was so bad.
* And that’s coming from someone who watches Wings.

Also I kept waking up with bird poo in my hair.

Anyway, I’m back now, and I’ll be posting the Cinderella review on Wednesday. In the meantime, here’s ten-word reviews of the next few movies to come after that to tide you over.

Alice in Wonderland

- Making an attempt to adapt the unadaptable with predictable results.

Lady and the Tramp

- Walt makes a movie about his friend’s dog. Huh. Okay.

Peter Pan

- Boring boring boring boring boring boring racist boring boring boring.

See you folks on Wednesday.